Energy: basic practices
About practices

The initial energy practices target a subtler awareness of your physical body. Through sensations (heat, intense movement, expansion), one can find the "simplest" energy manifestations in oneself: the main centers, channels, meridians, centers in the organs, on the body surface, centers in the joints, and ethereal energies.

Freely flowing energies of centers, channels, and meridians give a holistic perception of oneself and the surrounding world. Entry-level practices help build your social reality. The released energy destroys the crystallizations of consciousness accumulated in the physical body, and greater mobility and freedom appear. The initial practices are the basis through which the practitioner has the opportunity to go beyond his daily self.

All "terminology" is conditional. Energy processes most often do not lend themselves to verbalization. We can use metaphors to describe these inner experiences, but it is hard to give them a clear description and definition that is not an absolute lie. The site provides a description and image of only those processes safe for those just starting their practice. Do not rush and try to practice the "second attention" without implementing the initial level of practice. To make a step into something, you must have something from where you step off.

The website contains descriptions of energy practices and attunements to these processes through images. Yet, you get more detailed explanations and attunements during in-person classes.

In this section you will find information about upcoming practices and other events of AKS Space.
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Initial level of practices
Guided energy practices for awareness of the energy channels and centers of the body.
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Second attention
Second attention practices become necessary when there is an irresistible desire for a wider perception of reality.
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Transition practices
Holistic self-perception through the reunion of CONSCIOUSNESS, ENERGY and BODY.
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  • We don't recommend attending classes if you have artificial organs, as this may be dangerous for your physical health.
  • We don't allow classes if you are under 18 years old.
  • You cann’t attend classes if you are under psycho-neurological or drug treatment supervision.